A new way to build cryptographic 

products for efficient and flexible

digital transactions.

Thriving economies have

always needed two things to

make them successful:

1. The rule of law

Laws are scalable and deterministic but heavyweight and slow.

2. Organic bonds of trust between people

Trust is efficient and flexible but it's fragile and doesn't scale.

But now a third dimension in the design of economic systems is emerging.


Cryptography lets us build economic systems that are both efficient and flexible, like trust-based systems, but also scalable and deterministic, like laws.

We can establish and verify trust between individuals and organizations.

Scalably and securely.

We can create digital bonds of trust that are as reliable as legal agreements.

But that work flexibly at the speed of modern business.

We get the best of both worlds!

Proven aims to be the leader in building a world where everyone on Earth can have confidence in the security of their financial relationships and the freedom to transact as they wish.